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“I used to get angry with a certain girlfriend of Ranbir”, says Neetu Kapoor

It is no big secret that Rishi Kapoor and his wife Neetu Kapoor take special interest in their ladla beta Ranbir Kapoor’s life, especially the ladies in his life. Interestingly, mommy Neetu Kapoor was in a pretty good mood and revealed quite a few hidden secrets of herself, likes and dislikes and also her concern for her dearest little boy. She also revealed what she’s looking for in the Kapoor bahu…

“I have never ever bothered about his girlfriends. I used to get angry with a certain girlfriend when he was entering movies, as he would not sleep well. I knew from experience that an actor has to have good sleep to look fresh. But I have never told him who I like and who I don’t like. His girls are his life. He has to spend his life with her. She should love him and keep the family together. I remember how many times I have kept upvas and asked mannats from Santoshi Maa for my husband. Being in the film line, she needs to be strong and be there for him. I just want the right girl for my Ranbir and feel that satisfaction that she looks after him”, Neetu Singh said.

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