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Will Aishwarya Rai get back her position?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is making a comeback post childbirth with the movie Happy Anniversary. She wasn’t seen onscreen after Guzaarish in November 2010. This Happy Anniversary, which stars her husband Abhishek Bachchan, has got many fans anxious about it. To see the ex-Miss World back on screen after 3 years is something that shouldn’t be missed but the katrillion dollar question here is, will she get back her position as the top actress of Bollywood?

Her last two movies Enthiran and Guzaarish were commercial and critical successes respectively. She jumped to the top position then but after that, her pregnancy made her quit movies. Then there was the Heroine debacle with Madhur Bhandarkar, she was reportedly ousted from the movie after she was pregnant. Her role in Happy Anniversary has not been revealed yet but whether it is a meaty one, is the question. To add to the issue is the fact that many other actresses are ruling Bollywood now, so she will definitely face tough competition.

The fact that she is the most popular celebrity on the internet tells us that she is still in demand. She is definitely popular and people would love to see her onscreen. The sad part of her life is her spats with many male actors, which leaves only her husband and a couple of others that she can work with. That might prove to be her downfall…

Nevertheless, her acting skills are something we all know very well. If she gets back to the industry with meaty roles in artistic films, she can perhaps make a mark again. She has to give the audience what is expected of her; being the international star that she is, the expectations are definitely high.

Let’s see if the 1994 Miss World can create magic again…


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