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Mumbai Police and Bollywood unite for a cause

When two power-houses come together and join hands, what follows is just history! And one such event is on it’s way, with the joining hands of Mumbai Police and Bollywood with a unique motto in a form of a well deserved campaign that’s aimed at sensitizing the film industry to depict social issues prevailing in our society.

As a part of this campaign, the film folks will be getting together at a police station, wherein Satyapal Singh (The Commissioner of Police) will preside over an interactive session with Bollywood’s who’s who on October 5th. The issues that will be addresses here include the negative portrayal of the police force and women in movies. Throwing more light on this event, Singh said that hi has planned a meeting with Bollywood personalities next week to discuss issues like depiction of women in films and social messages to be conveyed through films like communal harmony amongst others.

He further added that the agenda of the same is yet to be finalized. On the other hand, Vishwas Nangre Patil (Additional CP), who has already spoken to Mahesh Bhatt regarding the same, he said that in the interactive session they will try to sensitize the film industry on issues like the poor portrayal of police. He further added that even though they won’t make it compulsory, they would really want the industry to take positive steps towards the same.

Meanwhile, Mahesh Bhatt opined that this wasn’t the first time that Bollywood stood accused of having an unfavorable effect on the moral character of the society. Now we leave it to you to decide who’s right and who’s wrong! You can uses the comments section below to convey your thoughts.

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