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Kareena Kapoor is as hopeless a romantic as any other girl

Most of us have this wrong notion that celebrities are a class apart. Their needs, wants, tastes and everything are a class apart, unlike the common man. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor may be living a fairytale life. You name it and she may have it – the name, the fame and the money.

But did you know, the Khan bahu is as hopeless a romantic as any other girl? Well, a little birdie tells us that, the actress is a big fan of Aashiqui 2 music. The movie was out in April, this year. But Kareena continues to listen to the album even today. Interestingly, she plays the songs on repeat mode.

Well, the addictive music of Aashiqui 2 has surely cast a spell on us; in fact most of us, and the film has been fairly popular among the youth.

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