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Akshay Kumar to play with his life, yet again

Akshay Kumar is definitely the undisputed ‘Khiladi of Bollywood’. Apart from being a superb actor, Kumar has also worked as a stunt actor. He has often performed many dangerous stunts in his films that earned him a reputation as the “Indian Jackie Chan”.

The latest buzz is that Akki bhai is bent upon proving himself as the action star of India, time and again, and this time he is planning on crossing all limits.

Apparently, for his upcoming movie Boss, Akshay Kumar has decided to jump from the highest building in Mumbai, as a part of the film’s promotional event.

Though the filmmakers are trying their best to change Akki’s mind, and convincing him to refrain from such an act, the actor is determined on going ahead with his decision.

We have no say in this, but can only wish the action hero, good luck!

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