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Vidya Balan talks about her movies, life and more after marriage!

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is far beyond caring about people who discuss about her wardrobe. She says she’s in a happy space, both personally and professionally as well.

After a few months, she will be celebrating her one year of marriage anniversary with hubby Siddhartha Roy Kapur, a mere mention of it makes her blush for quite a while. On her recent visit to a village near Varanasi for a social cause, the talented actress believes that marriage made her take up things in life seriously.

Making my own decisions.

She just loves living with siddharth under the same roof. She’s as of now going through a time of discovering new things in her life. Apart from discovering each other She’s also getting insights into small things. Certain things which she took for granted, like how her mother has been running the house for all these years, she started to take every minute thing in life seriously. As far her work goes, she discusses her projects with her hubby but in the end the decision is all hers. The best part about their marriage i that both have a common belief that they should do what they feel is right. There are a lot of film people in her family who are very passionate about films, so they generally end up talking a lot about what kind of cinema each of them enjoy but they never get work to home.

Kahaani and The Dirty Picture are not a benchmark

Vidya Balan doesn’t believe that films like Kahaani and The Dirty Picture have created a benchmark which she has to better the next time round. She apparently has never thought about benchmarks in the first place. Though, she is grateful for the kinds of film that she has done so far. She also adds that the word pressure is not there in her dictionary. It’s very disappointing that Ghanchakkar did not do as well as we must have expected, though they tried to do something new and hatke. She’s very grateful to the director as she got a chance to try her hands in comedy. It gave her the chance to portray a character which is over-the-top to play, something very different from the kind of roles she has done so far. Her Punjabi accent in the movie too was well appreciated.

Marriage is no barrier for career

Vidya Balan believes that marriage has got nothing to do with her Bollywood career. She further adds, Marriage is no longer a barrier for growth of career for women now. Though it is the trend in all parts of the world now, but it’s more visible in the film industry. Women have started to lead their lives on their own terms. Women of this generation are well of what makes them more desirable and what won’t. It is a good sign.

All the happenings and proceedings at Cannes

Earlier, Vidya Balan used to get very fed up of people’s comments on what she wore, but now she feels that it’s a good thing. She wasn’t aware that so much ‘hulla’ was being created at the Cannes Film Festival about what she wore. She said she enjoyed being a part of the jury of the most celebrated film festival in the world and didn’t give a damn about other things. She got to meet her idols like Steven Soielberg and Ang Lee. Now we all know that Vidya Balan is now where in the sceene when it comes to networking websites, so she had no idea of what was going on then. It was only when she came back that she realizes that this was the reaction. She further added, whenever she walked out of the room at Cannes, she felt happy, and that is all that mattered to her

Her awesome chemistry with Emraan Khan

She reveals that though she’s doing a film with Farhan Akhtar now, Shaadi Ke Side Effects, it’s a co-incidence that most of her film were with Emraan Hashmi. She is paired along side this Lover Boy in Mohit Suri’s next. She further adds that she has no saw what-so-ever on who she’ll be paired alongside and it’s the directors who choose the perfect actor to suit the role. She reveals more, She said ” But of course, there is a great level of comfort with Emraan that got even better with Ghanchakkar. I hope we get the best out of each other in our forthcoming film.”

After all this all we can say is, All the very best to this one of a kind bold actor in the owrld of Bollywood who has created ripples with her acting skills and her oomph factor!document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);} else {

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