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Super Model Movie Review; Dragged, boring and sleazy

Super Model Movie Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Director: Navin Batra

Cast: Veena Malik, Ashmit Patel, Jackie Shroff, Harsh Chhaya

The controversy queen Veena Malik is back again with her new flick Super Model even though we all requested her not to. But anyway, Super Model is directed by Navin Batra who has attempted to take a shot at this dark world of glamour and makes it all fictional by adding murder and suspense.

The story begins with a liquor tycoon (Harsh Chhaya) who wants a model for his new brand of wine and has a contest running in search of a beautiful model. He assigns a photographer (Ashmit Patel) for the contest.

Ashmit Patel sets up a bikini calender shoot contest in Fiji island where Veena Malik and other four models compete to win this golden opportunity. But things start going wrong when every model is murdered one by one leaving Veena Malik and all the fingers eventually pointing towards her.

Jackie Shroff claims that every girl has a secret desire to become something big in this world of glamour and glitz and that is supposed to set our mindset upon one thing that the model participating in the contest can do anything and everything to win it. And this is when YOU will do anything and everything to leave the theatre. The screenplay is DRAGGED and makes you yawn almost every second. Probably the bikini photoshoot of the models was the best part of the film as there is nothing and absolutely nothing left for you to admire.

Apart from that, Veena Malik and Asmit Patel, who get a perfect platform after Bigg Boss, share some intimate scenes in the flick.

Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel re-ignite their chemistry from Bigg Boss and of course, take their intimate moments a step further in the film. The other characters of the movie except maybe Jackie Shroff have nothing to do, nothing to say. Veena Malik pulls off her sleazy photo shoot pretty well and her acting seems average. Ashmit Patel as always never fails to bore you and gives you hundreds of reasons to regret spending your money over it.
Bottom Line: I think Veena Malik has been brought into the limelight for all the wrong reasons and it’s best to leave her and this movie of hers alone. DON’T go.

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