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Sonu Sood’s new Nickname!

Filmstars always get nicknames. Some by their own family -Bebo is Kareena’s nickname; some nicknames are given by  fans like Baadshah (Shahrukh Khan) and in the next case, by other filmstars.

Sonu Sood’s smooth-talking caught the attention of his director Farah Khan, who started calling him Sonu Smooth. Now Shahrukh is always known for his sense of humor and his witty talk and he started calling Sonu Sood Smooth.

Then it spread like wildfire and several filmstars Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, SRK and Farah all floated messages and tweets on networking sites and all of them referred Sonu Sood as Sonu Smooth.

SRK in his typical witty talk, called Sonu Sood “Mr Smooth” at a press conference held in Dubai.

Way to go Mr Smooth!}

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