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Rajjo vs Ramleela

RamLeela‘s trailer released a few days ago and it has ensured all of us will bite our nails in anxiety till 29th November. But another movie whose trailer released today, is bound to compete and clash with Ramleela. This movie is Rajjo, starring Kangana Ranaut who has this and another big release Krrish 3 lined up in November.

“Makers of Rajjo, M.H. Shah and U.A. Karande, were waiting for an apt time to bring the film. Though Kangna plays a prostitute in the film, it isn’t a grim affair by any means. Instead, it is a colourful affair as well and joins Ramleela in painting the screen red. Pun intended,” informs the source.

The makers seem to have given careful thought to the release date to ensure it doesn’t clash with Krrish 3 and they have decided on releasing it on November 15. “To arrive a week or two later was explored as well. After all, Ram Leela could well be a formidable opponent for anyone. However, once the final cut of Rajjo was seen by people concerned, there was an added sense of confidence. It was felt that the originally decided date would be just right to set the stage for Rajjo v/s Leela,” the source continues.

Says Kangna, “Rajjo is really close to my heart and I am glad it is being released this festive season. As for competition with other films, there would be one every week in any case. I am sure my producers are taking a good call and it comes from the trust and confidence they have in the product. I am particularly proud of the film and my work. The film is special and it will fetch an audience of its own. I strongly believe in director Vishwas Patil and music director Uttam Singh. Once you see the promos, which would be out very soon, you would know what I mean.”

Kangana plays a titular role in this film and Deepika plays the lead in Ramleela, so will there be a face-off?

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