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Parineeti Chopra gives pink slip to stylist for not taking her seriously

Bubbly beauty Parineeti Chopra is a pretty chilled out person. But not very long ago, the actress lost her cool on her personal stylist and sacked her. However, Chopra had more than enough reasons to be miffed.

Apparently, the actress, who recently appeared on a comedy reality show in a short black Armani dress, was very happy with her outfit, as she was very uncomfortable with it’s length. Despite repeatedly addressing her problem to her stylist, the latter did not bother. Instead, she insisted on making Parineeti attend the show in the same uncomfortable dress.

Well, the result was obvious, as the actress was paying less attention on the show, and more on adjusting her dress.

Buzz is that, Parineeti is now on a look out for a new stylist, someone who understands her better.

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