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Krrish 3: Hritik – Kangana not so romantic shoot for love song in Jordan!

While Shahrukh khan proudly proclaimed in Chennai Express that one should not underestimate the power of the common man, am sure our Bollywood superhero Hritik Roshan cannot say the same about the power of the “super” man!!

We have recently got to know that while Hritik and Kangana were trying to romance each other in the new Love song of “Dil Tu Hi Bata”, for their latest movie “Krrish 3”, they had some very ardent fans who just wouldnt leave them and infact disturbed the entire set while filming for the song near the Dead Sea in Jordan. The fans were numbering in their thousands, and would come up again and again, despite being told not to bother the cast and crew during shooting. In fact, the fans were so intrusive that the crew had to postpone taking their lunch break because of the disturbance caused by these fans. We are told that while most of the crew gave their lunch a miss, our super-hero Hritik had to resort to jogging around the set while having his lunch so that he isnt disturbed by his fans.

Alright… if you havent got it so far… we are talking about thousands of desert insects and flies that mad the jobs of the cast and crew so very difficult. In fact, the situation was so bad that both Kangana and Hritik had to literally douse themselves in insect repellant to keep off the flies and insects!

Well, were it not for Kanagana’s crazy alien skills and Hritik’s super-human powers, am sure the shooting of Krrish 3 would have come to a grinding halt. Way to go bollywood ka superhero!! cicialis

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