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Make movies that help in social transformation: President

President Pranab Mukherjee called upon the film industry to make movies that contribute to social transformation and resetting the moral compass of the nation.

He was speaking Tuesday at the four-day centenary celebrations of Indian Cinema, organised by the government of Tamil Nadu and South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. Mukherjee said that cinema is a popular and powerful medium of communication.

The number of cinegoers in country is very large. It is, therefore, essential to strike a balance between entertainment and social responsibility of this medium, said a statement.

“The recent incidents of crime against women and children have shaken the conscience of the nation. We have also been witness to tragic communal riots in some parts of our country recently. We must find ways to reverse the erosion of our values,” said Mukherjee, who honoured 41 legends from various film industries at the event.

“Cinema can and must play a role in resetting the moral compass of the nation. It is the responsibility of everyone associated with the film industry to use the powerful medium of cinema to portray our positive societal values for building a tolerant and harmonious India,” he said.


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