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Ranbir Kapoor’s Besharam releasing on a Wednesday

Thank God it’s Friday’ is a common sentence that everyone says as movies release only on Fridays. However, the upcoming Ranbir Kapoor movie Besharam is a going to take the road not taken as it is slated to release on a Wednesday, October 2.

Bollywood filmmakers have a holiday and festival fetish, maybe that is the reason many movies release on festivals. So now we have Besharam which is breaking the usual Friday norm and instead opening on a national holiday (Gandhi Jayanti).

Besharam will also mark Ranbir’s first movie that will be releasing in a mid-week. The makers of the film are pretty confident that the film will do well.

Director Abhinav Kashyap said, “Most people enjoy an off on October 2. We took the decision to release the film mid-week keeping in mind Ranbir’s growing stature at the box office. I’m confident he will get a big initial.” The makers of the movie wanted to make Besharam to be extra-special and thus zeroed in on this particular day.

Besides Ranbir Kapoor, the movie stars Pallavi Sharda, who is debuting in the movie.

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