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Lata Mangeshkar and her beautiful song

Lata Mangeshkar has been a singer for more than 7 decades now and with more or less 1000 songs to her kitty. Lata Mangeshkar is the most respected singer in the Indian cinema and probably the most atlented also. She was ahead of her time and sang each song with so much emotion and love. You will always find her in a cool cotton saree and two braids like a little school girl. She isn’t little but how cute is that?!


Lukha Chupi

You know that feeling when a huge lump forms in your throat and your eyes get all foggy and you can neither cry nor get over that feeling? That’s exactly what happens when you listen to this song. So many unresolved emotions come back crawling in your mind and you can’t but think of Rang De Basanti and the tragic end.


Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamannah

So lively and so fresh! It actually makes you happy about your life. Vyjayantimala lets herself lose from all the inhibitions and tries to enjoy her life. She starts accepting life as it comes and seems to be having a pretty good time and the song depicts all these emotions exactly.


Tera Bina Zindagi Se

Aandhi was one hell of a movie and so were the songs. Though the song is slow, the tempo is high and the music is lound and clear. Something about this song transforms you into a dream like state.


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Dharmendra chases Mala Sinha and she starts singing this song. Do they agree on something here? Yes! they agree on their unconditional and undying love for each other and Lata Mangeshkar has done a perfect job singing out this song for them!


Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mai

Such a lovey-dovey song! Bobby had many other songs but this is the best song. Hum tum ek kamre mai bandh hojaye! What a perfect escape for two people who just well in love.

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