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Deepika Padukone will play a Marathi girl in Happy New Year

Deepika Padukone gave an amazing performance playing a South Indian beauty in Chennai Express. Now, the actress is dropping off her Meenamma image and will be portraying the role of a Marathi girl in Farah Khan’s Happy New Year. Talk about versatility.

In the movie, Deepika plays a dancer from Bhandup (situated in the suburbs of Mumbai). She will be seen wearing tacky and bad clothes which is much contrary to what Deepika’s original style statement is. The actress is believed to have gone so deep into her character that she was unrecognizable in her new makeover.

Deepika Padukone’s look tests happened at Shahrukh Khan’s bungalow and the superstar’s daughter Suhana couldn’t recognize her! When Suhana saw the test shots, she apparently asked the actress, ‘Where are you in this?”

Deepika Padukone was spotted in Dubai wearing trendy clothes. Maybe a make-over is on the list in the movie and obviously, the crew wants to keep the ‘test look’ a secret, therefore, one of the reasons why it was tested in Shahrukh’s bungalow. Are you all excited to know that Deepika Padukone will play a Marathi girl in Happy New Year? Well, after Chennai Express’ success, I can’t wait to see the same jodi again!


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