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Bollywood movies with thriller background

With the release of Prague just around the corner, lets see what Bollywood gave us in the form of suspense thrillers and psychological thrillers. To be honest, Bollywood did quite well with this genre than the horror genre. There were thriller and suspense movies since the start of Bollywood. Teesri Manzil is one such example! But then, lets not too far back and lets remember the movies of our times, starting with 100 days!


100 days

She doesn’t play the role of Raven from That’s so Raven but something close to it. She is not entirely psychic. She has very few visions and in one of them she see’s her sister being murdered. Talk about sensitivity! The suspense throughout the movie killed me. I had my doubts on Jackie Shroff but never expected him to be the murderer



Not a psychological thriller but a suspense thriller! The soundtrack or the movie and the background music makes you so edgy and nervous. The moment you hear the background music your heart starts racing! At least mine does. Okay, back to the movie. Nothing like a woman scorned right? Well, Bobby Deol should have never rejected Manisha Koirala, at least not in the public like that.



This movie is more like a horror suspense. But hey! What else do you expect? The movie has been directed by Ram Gopal Varma and written by Anurag Kashyap! Its the kind of the movie that gives you chills and even byt the end you are not sure about who the actual villain is! But then, menatally disturbed people are usually the one who go on killing spree.


karthik calling karthik

A true psychological thriller! Who would have guessed that Farhan Akhtar was actually schizophrenic? The fact that he was, was a killer blow. Put all the other psychological thrillers to shame. Except for Kaun, if you count it as a psychological thriller that is.



Here’s another story of a woman jilted and scorned. Beware guys! Don’t go around messing with wives of intelligence officers because they teach them well and then if you do hurt their partners, they will unleash on you just like hell would and Vidya Ba;an’s Kahani my dear friends is just one such story.

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