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A musical tribute to Kumar Sanu with his 5 best songs!

You listen to songs when you are sad and want to vent it out. But you also listen to songs when you are in love or when you are too happy. Kumar Sanu was put on this earth to give us beautiful songs to relate to every emotion that we feel. He gave his voice to every actor out there with out any discrimination and to be honest his voice went well with everyone! Kumar Sanu’s voice suits Salman Khan just as well as it suited the other Khan’s of Bollywood and well a certain member of the Deol family! He celebrates his birthday today and what better way to celebrate it than to listen to his beautiful songs!



Here’s one song that I can never forget! The song is beyond amazing and there are no words to describe how perfect everything in the song is! Kumar Sanu did a wonderful job. A starry night and a dreamy voice. Isn’t it just perfect?


tu pyar hai kiski aur ka

Aamir Khan the brooding guy! Who would have thought? Well he is and he does a great job at that! The heroine walks in with a exact opposite of Aamir Khan (a douche if you ask me) and then Mr Khan starts brooding in front of the part and sings this amazing song. Pyaar mein aksar, aisa hota hai, koi hanstaa hai, koi rotaa hai, koi paataa hai, koi khotaa hai. Aww. Isn’t that sad?!


humko sirf tumse pyar hai

Barsaat! What a movie and what great songs. Well old is really gold. Twinkle Khanna literally twinkles in the entire song and Bobby Deol dazzles us with his smile. Who knew Kumar Sanu’s voice would suit Bobby Deol? For all the people in love. I think this line pretty much sums up their feelings. Keh rahi hai dil ki bekhudi, bas tumhara intjar hai, hamko sirf tumse pyar hai.


Tujhe Dekha To

Here’s one for Shahruh Khan. The movie was sort of a cult classic/legend. The songs were the best sellers and why shouldn’t they be? When they had such awesome playback singers and such meaningful lyrics. The line that I liked the most is, Meree aankho me aansu tere aa gaye, muskurane lage sare gham


is tarah aashiqui ka

Here’s one song for the Nawab Khan. Kumar Sanu once again did a perfect song while singing playback for Saif Ali Khan. The movie was wonderful but how powerful were they lyrics back then? I mean literally. The song goes like mar ke bhii main tujhase judaa ho na paauungaa, cheesy but so good!

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