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10 best moments captured in Dubai during the Happy New Year shoot

…And the first schedule of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year comes to an end. The entire team has finally bid adieu to Dubai and are back in Mumbai. The HAPPY NEW YEAR cast – Farah Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Boman Irani also expressed their unhappiness over leaving Dubai and shared their feeling on the social networking site

While Boman claims to have had the “finest outdoor” ever, SRK called it fun and loved working with the lovely set of co-actors.

Director Farah Khan posted “And its a schedule wrap!thank u Atlantis hotel n Dubai 4 making it so smoothly possible! Will miss was our home,r studio n r playground since a month!thank Serge,ashley,Andrea,maraika,Anne n all who made it happen.”
Actor Shahrukh Khan wrote, “Leaving Atlantis.Feels like leaving home. Thanx Surge,Andrea &everyone. We will miss u lots. Forget the world class hospitality, u gave love.”
“Schedule wrap. The team heads back home. We will miss Dubai, especially the people. Thank you for all the love. #happynewyear,” posted actor Abhishek Bachchan on his micro-blogging site.

We bring to you their 10 best moments captured by them.

Bmoan Irani disappears from the airplane

Tweets SRK, “My extremely distinguished friend Boman is a class act. It’s the first time I have lost someone on a plane. Nobody could find him!!! How?”

Shahrukh Khan enjoys some quite time alone

“On my own…sometimes its just a blessing to see the sun rise on the beach. Just u and the Sun, nothing in between…not even the Rays,” tweets Shahrukh.

Shahrukh and Boman get a new name… ZOMBIES!

Farah Khan tweeted this pic of SRK and Boman, “Meet the 2 zombies @iamsrk n @bomanirani playing Fifa every waking moment..”

Boman Irani “tries” to look good!

Tweets Boman, “@TheFarahKhan directing me says.This is tough scene. You have ‘try’ to look good. But Its a comedy,so don’t stress!”

SRK in reply to the above, “@bomanirani u forgot to mention the shades are mine boman!!! U will anyway look good. Great soccer this morning by the way…ha ha”

And again, “First @TheFarahKhan says “try” and now you @iamsrk says it’s the shades that did the trick.can’t catch a break. @juniorbachchan aap bhi bolo”

Boman Irana does a Dard-e-disco

Tweets Farah Khan, “ur( SRK) 6 packs can’t compete with Bomzi’s “Family Pack”!!,”

Even Shahrukh Khan couldn’t stop himself from commenting on the pic. ” I am not doing the second installment of dard e disco in HNY?get Boman to do it?at least the ‘dard’ part will be true!by the way the
t shirt was also mine,”
tweeted SRK.

They shot from sunset to sunrise

Tweets SRK, “The boys with their beautiful director…the one and only Farah. Nite shoots come to an end. Back to sunlite.HNY.”

Farah Khan’s feet gets some relief

“@SonuSood Thank u smooth ji 4 the lovely feet will ache less now,” tweets Farah.

No matter how tired he was, Sonu Sood did not rest!

Advises Sonu, “Run till your treadmill says” Iam tired”….have a great day”, adding, “Gym is shut by the time i reach my hotel but have to do atleast 500 push-ups n 200 crunches before I sleep. 250 more to go.. Commmmmmonnnn.”

Farah Khan indulge in some excessive retail therapy

Tweets the filmmaker, “Day off was more xhaustng than shoot day!thank god dubai mall gvs me a buggy 2 shop!”

On the sets, they didn’t shoot but slept, instead

Farah Khan blames Shahrukh Khan for landing Boman in this situation. Farah tweeted, “@iamsrk Thanks 4 making Boman play til late last nite!this is what he’s doing on set Now!!”

…And the blame game continues

“@Thefarahkhan I was meant to sleep in the shot. While You were meant to be awake in this one. Now tell me?”

The ‘Happy New year’ schedule in Dubai finished on 22 September, with Farah tweeting, “And it’s a schedule wrap!”

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