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Box Office Report: Phata Poster Nikhla Hero beats The Lunch Box

Phata Poster Nikhla Hero opened to a decent turnover. Some in the trade and industry were of opinion that the film would have a huge start and the collections predicted for the opening day were along time lines of Rs. 8-10crore. True to that, the film generated Rs. 13 crore in two days and so far, it has raked in Rs. 22 crores. The film’s buzz was fine but not the kind that would have resulted in housefull boards all over. The songs were expected to pull in crowds and actually contributed to break in the narrative. However, it had some competition from Grand Masti.

As a result, the film stayed average right through the weekend, hence resulting in the 22 crore coming in from the first three days. With mixed reviews and audience word of mouth coming the film’s way, it would have to stay really stable throughout the week to register a decent total in order to enter the average zone.

The Lunchbox, with all its hype was never expected to create a riot at the box office because it is an art film, in a masala loving world. A niche film, it was pitched as an affair that would make audience come in hordes. Well, at premium multiplexes, the Irrfan Khan starrer was indeed the first choice of cinegoers, as further demonstrated in constant rise in collections over the weekend. However, it was released at very few screens and the audience base for it was niche as well. As a result, the opening weekend saw over 7 crore coming in. Nevertheless, it isn’t one of those films where a weekend decides its fate. The real situation would be known once the film enters its second week.}d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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