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Meet Vishal Singh, who walks, talks and breathes Shahrukh Khan

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‘Normal’ isn’t a term that fits when you talk about the Baadshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan. He is the most coveted man in the world. No wonder he has a legion of fans all over the world. But not many will be able to beat Vishal Singh’s obsession with the star.

Meet Vishal Singh, a big big and a very big fan of Shahrukh Khan, who has made sure that the superstar never leaves his sight. Right from legally changing his name to Vishahrukh Khan to driving down all the way from Lucknow to Mumbai with his pregnant wife so that she could be blessed by SRK, Vishahrukh has done it all. From the walls of his house in Lucknow and his car to his shop, he has plastered every square inch of space with the superstar’s pictures. He claims to have more than 22,000 pictures of the star, and even calls his own house “Shahrukh Palace”. He even apparently spent his honeymoon waiting outside Mannat to get a jhalak of King Khan.

It is said that, Vishahrukh’s house is a major landmark in Lucknow. People recognise him as a SRK fan.

Bollywood is one place where crazy star-struck fans can go to any extent, from stalking, to worshiping and even committing suicide because of their favorite celeb.

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