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Best romantic movies Bollywood has ever witnessed

What is life without a little bit of romance and what is Bollywood without romantic movies? Yes agreed the fact that Bollywood is only for entertainment and for us to kill time. But who doesn’t like a romantic moment or two? Who would mind watching a beautiful romantic movie? Here’s a list of the best romantic movies Bollywood has ever witnessed.


Guide – 1965

You know what they say? Don’t judge a book by its cover and now its don’t judge a book by the movie made on it. But this movie here is the perfect description of the book! Guide is an amazing love story written by the great R K Narayan. Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman were just the perfect people to fit into this role. The story is simple. It’s about a guide who falls in love with a married woman.


Mughal-E-Azam – 1960

This has to be the epitome of all the romantic movies. If I could compare it to any monuments I would compare it to Taj Mahal without a second thought. It took them 10 years to make the perfect movie and to this date nothing can beat the perfections of the movie. The sets, the costumes, the jewelry, everything was just so elegant. The story was too romantic and well, though I’m not a fan of tragic endings, I simply loved this movie.


Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge – 1995

Its more of a romantic comedy yet very intense. They started off by hating each other then moved to a friendlier level of pranking each other and then when it was time to part ways, they fell for each other. Pretty hard if I may add. And then from here starts a true tale of love where Raj tries to win over Simran’s family and does it pretty well until the truth it found. But then again, since its Bollywood and a typical Yash Raj movie happiness prevails.


Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak – 1988

Ab hai judai ka mausam, do pal ka mehmaan! Ah. Young love. How cliche yet so romantic. Didn’t they learn anything for Romeo and Juliet? Hmm.. It was sad to watch them die like that in the end. So helpless but then again this was one of the most romantic movie I have ever seen. They live happily for a while but then guess fate had some other plans!


Veer-Zaara – 2004

I have no words to describe this movie. The love depicted in the movie is in one of its purest forms. He quits his dream job for her, sacrifices his life for her and of situation demanded he would happily give his head on a platter for her. She on the other hand, bound by the society suffered in silence and when she got to know of his death went berserk. And then, one fateful day, they meet and they 40 years of life that they have wasted doesn’t matter. What matters is the present moment where they are together. Their love was not bound by anything. Not lust, not money.


Vivah – 2006

It must have been a sob story but it was pretty cute. The way he marries her in the operation theater. The way he waits for her to heal. Shahiddd! And then in the end, he nursers her and when she denies him he says, Mujhe Haq Hai. it was beyond romantic. Those three words at that point of time seemed more powerful than the regular I love you.

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