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REVEALED: Varun Dhawan’s relationship with Shraddha Kapoor!

Not very long ago, rumors were abuzz that cool dude Varun Dhawan and the super classy Shraddha Kapoor were madly in love with each other and that one couldn’t do without the other. Well, many a times, Varun and Shraddha were spotted making public appearances together too, at theaters and eating joints, thus feeding the gossip mills stomach full.

But now, the angry young Dhawan, tired with all this nonsense gupshup, finally broke his silence. He confirms that Shraddha is a very close childhood friend and that he definitely has no romantic feeling for her.

Says the actor, to a leading daily, “I didn’t know my love life was so talked about. All these girls are my friends, including Shraddha, the gorgeous girl, who I have known since childhood. It’s a school mentality, wherein if you’re spotted with a girl, she’s your girlfriend. It’s stupid. If people talk about me because I’m dating someone, I’d rather not be an actor.”

Hey Varun, just a tip from our side. Log tumhare bare me kya sochte hai, agar woh bi tum hi sochoge, toh phir log kya sochenge! Gossip is an occupational hazard to an actor! d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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