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Happy Birthday Lucky Ali!

In this world full of commercial music, there are a few who stand apart. People like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Richard Asdcroft, Bono etc.. are some of the names who never chose to compromise on their basic music style. Now, when you consider this side of the world, the most prominent name which comes to our mind is none other than Lucky Ali.

From his very first single ‘O Sanam’ to his very lateest tracks, he has always put music as his first priority. He could have made millions by selling his talent to Bollywood (instead of fringe songs now and then) like many singers out there. But his dedication towards music was his only priority! This is one of the main reasons why he has, and will still be a pioneer of Indi-Pop genre!

He proved his love for his music and fans by releasing his album ‘Xsuie’ (2009) over the internet as an independent artist rather than raking moolah out of it! This was meant only for his die-hard fans. Right from his first album ‘Sunoh’, he has never compromised on his style of music. ‘Sunoh’ was followed by ‘Sifar’ which had the much acclaimed songs in ‘Dekha hai aise bhi’ & ‘Nahin rakhta dil mein kuch’. ‘Aks’ and ‘Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai’ followed ‘Sifar’ which were reasonable successes. By this time, Lucky Ali had already established himself in the music industry and started to get regular offers in movies. He could have easily leveraged it like many of his compatriots like Sonu Nigam, Mohit Chauhan etc.. But he chose oblivion instead and returned with ‘Xsuie’ after 5 years in 2009. These where the word from the crocodile’s mouth itself, “The music scene is a sell-out business. Its only disillusionment”.

He defines his music as something which is a ‘goal-less yet soulful journey’. And that reflects in his songs. Songs such as ‘Dekha Hai Aise Bhi’ , ‘O Sanam’ , ‘Tere Mere Saath’ and the latest from Xsuie, ‘Dil Gaye Ja’ are regarded as cult songs. On a lighter note, his songs are great during travel. Nothing like listening to his music during roadtrips or hitchhiking.

He describes his life as a ‘wanderlust’, and it has taken him to many different places. He has bred horses, been in an oil rigger off the coast of Pondicherry in South India. Nowadays, he owns an organic farm. Never in a mood to compromise, he has never indulged in aggressive promotional techniques for his albums(this shows his class!). He works in a premise wherein, if someone likes his music, he’ll notice & buy it else not. Perhaps his crazy obsession with music’s quality is a reason why he has a dedicated fan base which likes his genre of songs. Pure.

Saluting one of the few souls who treat music with immense respect.


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