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When Shahrukh Khan made his dream home a reality!

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He is known as the king of Bollywood for a reason! Not only on the professional front, Shahrukh Khan lives his personal life too, king size. His mansion named Mannat (meaning, A Vow to the Gods), is a clear reflection of Shahrukh’s flamboyant lifestyle. A step inside his luxurious abode and you’l know what we are talking about.

This monumental structure is located in the heart of Mumbai, overlooking the sea. You name it, and his home has it. There are living rooms, guest rooms, offices, library, gym, entertainment room and a basement car parking. The windows are bulletproof and made from French glass, with colored paper very artistically and intricately placed on the glass panels.

You will find vases from Italy, the latest Sony music systems from Japan and artificial flowers from Germany. There is a huge charcoal painting of a horse, by M.F.Hussain. Then there is a billiard table, Pepsi dispenser and a huge home theatre system. Art collectibles, antiques, porcelain statues and leather sofas are but just few of the gorgeous items of décor in Mannat.

There are six levels to this mansion. The ground level is the living room where there are collectibles from all over the world, including M.F. Hussain’s sketch hung on the wall. The next level is the couple’s private area, consisting of bedrooms and guest rooms. There is one floor in the house dedicated to his kids and has a boxing ring, a table-tennis table. “It’s just a big floor with no walls,” he said, adding, “We even go and play cricket there.” And then, the terrace, which is used for parties.

Two floors of his house are dedicated to filming commercials. According to the actor, this ensures he can work and stay at home at the same time. Telly ads for Dish TV and Airtel have been shot inside his house.
He even invites media personalities into his office, which is situated in Mannat, for interviews.

All the rooms have breathtaking views of the sea.

SRK credits his wife Gauri for designing and decorating the interiors of his house. “It’s Gauri who decides what interior stuff to buy for home and what not, I am not allowed to say anything.”

Apparently, Mannat has an identifying device in the elevator and it opens only when Shahrukh and his family calls for the lift.

Mannat was built in 1915 by the Batliwala family, and was titled a heritage bungalow. SRK had purchased the property in 2001 from the Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust. In 2005 he revamped it to the home it is today.

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