The unrealistic hope and expectations created by romantic comedies

Once you hit adolescence, you tend to change and discover new things. You are no longer addicted to barbie dolls or trucks. Girls start believing in fairy tales and dwell on dreams which will always be dreams and nothing else. And then, they find a solution to it. Watching romantic comedies and hoping to find your knight in shining armor is no longer a dream but the sole purpose of life. And here starts, the unrealistic expectations of what men will be like and how they will sweep us of our feet and just do anything and everything to see a smile on our pretty face and how you should fall in love with the next stranger you meet.

Prince Charming is on his way

#1 Hold on to your horses cause your Prince Charming will very soon sweep you off your feet.
Example : Emraan Hashmi in Jannat! But the end was quite bad. Nevertheless he was like a ray of sunshine to our damsel in distress.

chaand taare tod laaun

#2 He will go to the moon and back for you.
Example : What better to explain this than Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? Ranbir does what he wants ans comes home to see Deepika waiting for him. Well, not entirely but yeah! Pretty much sums it up.

haven’t found mr.right yet? just run!!

#3 You are most likely to find the love of your life while you are running late to work/college/event/anything that’s really important. You will dash right into him and viola!!! You’ve met Prince Charming!
Example : Simran meets Raj while she is late for her Tour De Europe!

maa babuji, ye hai mera pyaar

#4 When you get a fake fiance to show off to your family and friends, you will most likely fall in love with your fake fiance. So chose wisely!
Example : Ek mai aur ek tu! Uh uh uh!

mr. not-so-right has cheated on you for a reason

#5 You will realize a week before you wedding that the current love of your life is a lying-cheating scumbag.
Example : A classic example. Ranbir Kapoor and Bipasha Basu in Bachna Ae Haseeno. Whay he does to her was just unforgivable!

stranger danger!

#6 Even though you are in a happy relationship, a guy at a party will see through the sadness in your eyes and tell you that you are missing a spark in real life. He will eventually become Prince Charming.
Example : Sonam Kapoor is over the moon when she is with her fiance in I Hate Love Stories but there is something about Imran that ticks her off. In a nice way!

who said money cant buy happiness

#7 Retail therapy is the best therapy to nurse a wounded heart. One chirpy song, many designer stores and you are a very happy person. Who’s footing the bill?
Example : Sonam Kapoor in Aisha! She takes her less fortunate friend (rather her next project) and they shop till they drop. But who pays for it all?

time to pamper thy self!!

#8 A 5 minute makeover will include the excessive process of dry hair turning into amazing shiny hair with blonde/burgundy highlights. Pearly white teeth with a dazzling smile. Long arched eyebrows. A perfect figure. Sudden ability to waltz in killer heels. New found attitude to be more out going and getting on top of a table and dancing your heart out and last but not the least perfect 20/20 vision!
Example : Amrita Rao in Main Hoon Na. The spoilt military brat changes from being a tomb boy with long curly hair to a sexy diva with poker straight hair! Uff!

kis kis kisss se pyaar karun!

#9 A kiss is only passionate when its under a tree when its raining cats and dogs. Kyunki tum hi ho!!
Example : Aashiqui 2! Any other kiss just seems mediocre to me now

mai tumse nafrat karti hoon!

#10 The stupidest of all. A love-hate relationship. You will start by hating the guy so much that you can murder him with bare hands and then one piercing look in his eyes and you are rolling in the deep falling for him hard!
Example : Bebo loathed Sallu bhai in Bodygaurd. But then, she fell for him and she fell hard!!

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