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Miffed Salman Khan vents his anger on a fan for clicking his pics!

Salman Khan, controversies best friend, has yet again made headlines with his soaring temper. The actor, this time, vented his anger on a fan, outside Lilavati hospital.

Salman Khan had visited Dilip Kumar, who is recovering from a mild heart attack, in Lilavati hospital. Now, where there is Salman Khan, media and fans ought to crowd the place. And so, on seeing the paparazzi gathered outside the hospital, the actor decided not to step out of his car.

As he continued driving, he spotted a fan clicking his pictures without caring to take his permission. Miffed over this act, Salman rolled down the window screen and asked the fan to hand over his phone. Next what happened, obviously came as a rude shock to all those who were present there. Apparently, the actor threw the fan’s mobile phone away and cast him an angry glance.

“I did not like the way Salman Khan behaved. He should not have done that,” the fan told the media.

Well, this isn’t a surprise to us, as earlier too, we have heard Salman creat such a ruckus with photographers, too.

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