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Best comedy scenes of Shahid Kapoor from Chup Chup Ke

Phata Poster Nikla Hero releases this week and by the looks of it, it looks more like a comedy movie. Speaking of, the best comedy or rather romantic comedy Shahid Kapoor has ever starred in was Chup Chup Ke. His comic timing in the movie was perfect and the chemistry between Rajpal Yadav and Shahid Kapoor beyond perfect. There were few sad moments but Shahid’s expressions soothed them all. Here are five best comic scenes from Chup Chup Ke.


Malik, yeh gunga hai

Shahid Kapoor commits suicide because of an enormous debt and is unfortunately saved by Rajpal Yadav. Being the kind hearted man that he is, he takes him to hospital and deduces that Shahid Kapoor is dumb and from here begins a hilarious journey


Maaf karde malik

A hilarious cat and mice chase between Rajpal yadav and Shahid Kapoor. Rajapal Yadav tries to hit Shahid Kapoor but Shahid duck right on time and bam! Rajpal Yadav ends up hitting his Malik! Its now Shahid’s turn to hit Rajpal and he bounces the lotha and it comes flying back to his Malik knocking him unconscious.


Jaba Jaba is hungry!

There are no words to describe this scene! The way Shahid Kapoor enacts an egg being boiled and his desire to eat it too funny. He tries to communicate in his jaba jaba language and Paresh Rawal tries to outsmart him!


Shahid gets trolled

This is something like shikari shikar ban gaya. Neha Dhupia hears him singing and then tricks him into calling Kareena’s fiance. He reads out a letter which states he is Kareena’s love and asks the fiance to call of the marriage. Shahid’s expression when he finds out what he just did is killer!


Shakti Kapoor shows who’s the boss!

This is by far the best scene ever! Shahid Kapoor acts all innocent and Rajpal Yadav does all the work. Its a pretty big scene but there is no part where you wont laugh your heart out. Every time Rajpal Yadav tries to escape work and burden Shahid with the extra load, he seems to fall more and more in trouble.

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