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4 ways directors can add modern masala to Bollywood

If there is one thing Bollywood excels at these days, it is to produce movies that do not make any sense. These movies go on to become huge grossers what with their blanket releases across the world and the huge star cast. Marketing budgets have gone through the roof and so have the production costs. The increasing dominance of the 100 crore club means that people are left looking to independent or small filmmakers to deliver movies that actually make them think. however, we believe that Bollywood can balance the creative and financial aspects of movie entertainment if they incorporate some of the following trends:

The cliffhanger

If there is one thing Bollywood rarely does, it is to give stories a suspense filled ending. Obviously, this requires direction and acting of exceptional caliber and not everyone can pull it off, but we’re sure that any Bollywood movie that ends in a cliffhanger will have it made. Imagine an end where the main protagonist’s mentor/relative is dying or the guy ends up not getting the girl, giving viewers an OMG what is going to happen next feel, then half the battle is won. Parts 2,3 & 4 can be put out in quick succession and audiences can actually begin to look forward to something.

The origin story

We like copying Hollywood storylines so much, but we ignore some of their most successful ideas. Now, Bollywood too has franchises in Don, Krrish and Dhoom, but how about giving origin stories and expanding the scope of these movies. Tell us how Don became Don. Or how Uday Chopra relies on the Dhoom series to prove he’s an actor, sort of.

The actually menacing villain

Think the Joker brom The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger may have given the performance of a lifetime but we believe that Bollywood has enough villainous pedigree to come up with something of class. If you look at Bollywood, the best villains can all be found in movies from the 70s and 80s, such as Mogambo, Shakaal, Loin (Ajith) and the iconic Gabbar Singh. It’s time Bollywood actually invested in creating a villain that will send shivers down the spine of the hero. Heck, even Crime Master Gogo could be a great place to start.

A slightly original Bollywood script

The above points in themselves will require a script with some meat on it. This is where the rest of the movie production needs to come on page with a single vision of producing something memorable. Forget the insipid love triangles, terrible adult jokes and corny item songs, and build something that makes the rest of the world go Woah!

This list may look like we’re dreaming, but we hope the dream is not too far from being realised. Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan had Ronit Roy play a terribly creepy villain and who can forget Gangs of Wasseypur, which even Tarantino would have smiled for. These movies, instead of being at the fringes, need to come in more deeply into the mainstream. Dear directors, give the audience some suspence, some respect, and watch them reward you with a loyalty you would never have expected.

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