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Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan spoke to each other!!!

Bollywood is filled with contrasting characters, ranging from the angry young men to the sweet young women to the golden oldies. Then there are fans, there are haters. There are friends and there are foes. Being a Bollywood personality, one gets a taste of everything in life. Some take their feelings to the extremes and exhibit outright public displays of affection (and animosity). There are some actors who are best friends and some who were best friends. Imagining the conversations between them, Bollywood Celebden (in an attempt to cater to the imaginative fans out there)presents Andekhe Khwaab.

Khwaab of the week: Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai.

In our dreamy afternoon stupour at BC, we fell asleep and had a dream Sallu Bhai and Rai-Bachchan madam were next to each other at an award function (intentional prank by organisers).

Now for all those who missed out their history lessons, here is one. Salman-body-builder-Khan and Aishwarya-Miss World-Rai broke up in what seemed like the break-up of the millenium. We say millenium because it happened during the advent of the 21st century and it was epic, probably more than the biblical Red Sea parting.

This is how it happened…

sallu ash final

*This is fictional article, do not think it is true and do not get pissed off! 


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