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Katrina Kaif ignores Salman Khan’s bhaabhijaan Malaika Arora Khan

Did you know that Katrina Kaif paid a visit at her ex-boyfriend Salman Khan’s place for Ganesh puja? It has become the talk of the town but that’s not it.

If rumours are to be believed, the Visarjan ceremony at the Khan household saw a Kat-fight between Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s bhaabhijaan, Malaika Arora Khan. According to reports, Katrina completely ignored Malaika when she was celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with Salman’s family. Katrina still visits Salman’s family sometimes and shares a good rapport with them.

And this time, when the actress visited Salman Khan’s house for Ganpati Visarjan, she never really bothered to meet the sexy Malaika!

Katrina Kaif walked into Salman’s house and went and sat beside Salman’s mother while Malaika sat at another corner with Sohail Khan and other friends. Both the sexy ladies gave each other a cold shoulder which made their cold war evident.

“Katrina still drops by at Salman’s place often and she visited Alvira’s place where the family is hosting Ganpati. Katrina walked in and sat with Salman’s mother Salma while Malaika sat in another corner with Sohail and friends,” a source close to the family told TOI.

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