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“Mannat” against Mannat! SRK’s house in trouble?

The thousands of pilgrims who come to the Mount Mary Church in Bandra during the Bandra fair every year might start making “mannats” against SRK’s bungalow Mannat; which is located next to the Mount Mary Church in Mumbai. A road, crucially located between SRK’s home and the church has been blocked for SRK’s safety and this has caused a nuisance to the pilgrims.

According to a report, devotees had a tough time while visiting the holy shrine due to blocks and barricades on Cement Road, put by the Bandra police in order to safeguard the palatial house of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan.

The king khan’s bungalow Mannat falls to the right of Cement Road and reportedly, cops had previously blocked the road had promised not to do it this time. But in vain!

Because of the trouble and inconvenience the thousands faced due to the badhshah’s presence in the locality, the residents of Bandra are irked. The residents’ association has planned a huge protest today outside the church.

A senior police officer was also quoted saying that SRK’s security was only one aspect but the barricades were also there to protect the pilgrims in order to avoid a stampede due to narrow road and steep slope.

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