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Lamest horror movies Bollywood has witnessed

Bollywood gave us some great horror movies like 1920, Vastu Shastra and then there were moderate horror movies like 13 B and Nanina. Then again there are few movies which were out right lame. They had no story whatsoever, no plot no twists and nothing about the movie was scary.

darna Mana Hai

Many people, six different stories and a horrible plot. That’s what Darna Mana Hai is all about. Nothing about the movie is remotely spooky or scary. You just wait for the other shoe to drop and keep hoping for some crazy turn of events but nothing happens and the movie ends. Then you ask yourself. What was that!

ragini mms

They didn’t know it yet. It’s a threesome. Wait, what’s with the tag line? Is it supposed to be funny? Ekta Kapoor disappointed us with this movie.


Another horror movie that wasn’t horrifying at all. The creepy sound effects were disturbing rather than scary. Urmila Matondakar out did herself. She acted more like a neurotic person than someone scared.


To be blandly honest, this wasn’t a horror movie. This was far from any horror movie. Hell, Shabana Azmi’s Makdee had more horror than this. Ram Gopal Varma’s Agyaat was just another typical b grade movie trying to fit in and get its 5 minutes of fame. How the audience endured the entire movie is just beyond me.

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