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5 horror movies that left us horrified

Hollywood gave us a brilliant horror movie this year in the form of Conjuring. And by brilliant I mean horrifyingly scary that gives you sleepless nights and makes you afraid of the dark. The mention of this sentence, In the name of the Father, the son and the holy spirit will freeze you and gets you hoping and wishing you were on the good side of Almighty. Yes, that’s what a good horror movie does to you. Vikram Bhatt’s Horror Story releases this week, will it have the same effect that Conjuring did? I guess yes. The trailer is scary as hell, lame at parts but scary as whole. Lets take a look at the best horror movies produced by Bollywood so far.


1920 Evil Returns

1920 Evil Returns is not a sequel or prequel to 1920. It’s not even in the series, its just another Vikram Bhatt’s horror movie with amazing direction and spooky effects. The movie will give you sleepless nights but wont terrorize you for months.



This is by far the most scariest horror movie I have ever witnessed in Bollywood. Everything about this movie is scary and spooky. The big haveli, the creepy guard, the painting, their love story and not to forget the limping soldier. But the worst or rather the scariest part is, Lisa Ray killing the cat and holding it. Yikes. Gives me the creeps.



Raaz was not exactly a horror movie, but it was very close. It was more like a suspense thriller and we all enjoyed it. The movie had amazing songs and beautiful and eerie locations for starters. Then the chilly fog and mist added the spooky quotient. And Bipasha Basu’s blank eyes were the icing on the cake!


Ek Thi Daayan

Ekta Kapoor out did herself. From sob stories to action movies to horror. She has tried it all and if I were to give her an advise, I would suggest her to change her forte from lame TV soaps to crazy horror movies. The movie did not have any scary looking daayan’s but the entire atmosphere through out the movie was spine-chilling.



This movie is a bit old but gold. Naina was not over regular horror movie but something entirely different. Two words and you will probably guess the story, an eye transplant and paranormal activity. Yes, A blind girl gets the eyes of another girl who could view everything! From seeing nothing to seeing everything! Scary much? Very much!

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