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Do you know what Sridevi and her daughters call Boney Kapoor?

Beautiful actress Sridevi who is still fabulous at fifty, calls her dear husband Boney Kapoor as ‘papa’. And we thought only the daughters Jhanvi and Khushi call Boney with that name!

It’s also been learnt that the actress acts like a small girl in front of her husband with her childlike voice. We don’t know how Boney Kapoor reacts but it surely must be embarrassing. Actually, not! Because ‘papa’ is a common word of endearment used in South India and Sridevi is a Tamilian.

Boney Kapoor is not really a fitness freak like Sridevi is, which worries the actress along with his baldness. Boney apparently has the habit of tugging at his hair and the beautiful wife reminds him saying,  “Stop pulling your hair. You will lose whatever hair is left on your head.” 

In an interview, the actress expressed her happiness to have him in her life.  “I don’t know what I’d have done without him. I’d be completely lost,” the actress is quoted as saying.

Boney too has all the nice things to say about his wife. The producer, in an interview, said, “Why should I not be proud of my wife? You name me one other actress who has had a 40-year innings as an actress and who made a comeback like she did.”

Recently the couple holidayed in the US, and after returning from there, Boney threw a lavish birthday bash for Sri’s 50th birthday in August.


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