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Kareena Kapoor doesn’t want her step-daughter to enter Bollywood

The Begum of Pataudi, Kareena Kapoor shares a great rapport with her in-laws. But what about the kids? Does she share the same loving bond with Saif’s kids Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim as she does with their father?

We have rarely seen Kareena and Saif’s kids hang out together, and the trios relationship is still kept under wraps. However, in a recent interview with Kareena Kapoor to a leading entertainment magazine, it has been revealed that the actress does have a soft corner for the kids and that she helps and supports them when needed.

“I always maintain it as though we are friends because they have a wonderful mother, who has done a splendid job in bringing them up. Sarah has got admission in the Columbia University. Few girls get the opportunity to study there. There are many scholars in his family. Saif encourages education. I’m happy for the kids. I never had this kind of an opportunity. My advice to her was, you can act anytime. But an opportunity to go to Columbia and live in New York on your own will not come again. What I have realised is there there’s much more to life than constantly trying to bag a film,” Kareena Kapoor told to the magazine.

Hmmm. No wonder everyone loves Kareena.

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