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7 myths that relationships in Romantic-Comedy movies create

Romantic-Comedy movies are sub-genres of comedy films as well as of romantic films. They are light-hearted, humorous, adorable stories centered around ‘true love’ able to overcome all the various obstacles that the screenwriter can imagine of! The most basic plot that almost every romantic-comedy film follows is that a man and a woman meet and then part ways because of maybe an argument or other contrived issues. The screenwriter leaves several clues which make it obvious that the duo are attracted to each other. Initially, these two people don’t get romantically involved because they probably believe they don’t like each other or maybe one already has a partner.

While they are separated, one of them realize that they could be the ‘perfect couple’ and so that person starts searching for the other. And then comes the ‘grand gesture’, where the person finally finds the other person and declares their love.  And with some comic friction or perhaps awkwardness, the movie ends happily.

So with another romantic-comedy, Shuddh Desi Romance coming up our way this Friday, we thought we’d list out a few myths that this rom-com trend has begun in Bollywood. Here are seven relationship myths these romantic-comedy films perpetuate – 

Love Changes Him

romantic comedy

Love can conquer about anything in the world, right? But how sure are you that it will conquer his bad habits? That obsession with video games? His irregular bathing issues? He might change for a while in the beginning but that lasting change is something that will not come, so easily.

Sex Solves Problems


Many people believe that sex would solve all the problems but for how long? He might want to do it right now.  Reality check. Sex is only a distraction not a solution.

You found your Mr. Right


That’s the first thing that’s strolling in your mind and that’s the first mistake you do. I know that feeling but admit it, most of us have been proven wrong!

Make-up with him with a make-over

make over

How often have you seen this? The nerdy girl, gets all pepped with, throws away her glasses, slips into a body-con dress and bazinga! The guy falls head over heels for the girl! It’s like Cinderalla all over again!

Run, run, run and he’ll follow

run run

Now this is something that has seriously gone viral when it comes to giving tips to your friends. Ignore him and he’ll run after you!

Really? Won’t he think you’re not interested in him? I would!  Hell! I’d rather sit heartbroken at home than chasing someone who wants to ignore!

Playing Hard To Get

hard to get

One of the most vintage games in the Rom-Com stories. Well, if you do that in reality, he might really think you’re not interested. He might want you but he’d be too scared to act.

Unconditional but insecure


You may overlook class, education and all the financial differences and your love might be the most supreme power of all but there is a thing called insecurity, which can create conditions in your unconditional fairy tale, fire in the hole and of course, fake facebook accounts to stalk you.


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