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Kajol Speaks On Her Relationship With Family Members

The DDLJ actress Kajol says that her husband Ajay Devgan has brought a lot of steadiness in her life. She said, “I have become much calmer…he has brought lot of stability in my life… we are different people but we believe in same things. It is necessary to love someone but it is also necessary to respect. I respect him greatly and that is one of the reasons why our relationship has lasted till now.”

The couple tied the knot in the year 1999 which was the peak time for Kajol’s career and now they are the parents of two lovely kids. When asked about the secret of her successful marriage, the actress said, “You need to work on every relationship including marriage every day. You can’t work or do things on occasions only like anniversary or Diwali, etc. You need to invest time and work in every relation.”

Kajol said that she is a strict parent to her children. “I am the stricter one between the two of us. I have to be strict because I’m more often at home,” the actress further added.

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