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7 Bollywood celebrities bitten by the INSTAGRAM bug

From inundating feeds with pictures of food, pets, feet (fugly toe nails, too), clouds, selfies and other random things, our celebs are in a frenzy while they go clickety-click on instagram. Looks like these guys have now made it their favorite hobby, clicking day and night. Well, I am on Instagram too and guilty, but what the hell! We do agree Celebrity Instagram accounts provide us an insight on what their personal lives look like, but some of them really need to stop abusing the app:

Alia Bhatt

Bollywood celebrities - alia_bhatt_instagram
9 out of 10 pics in her profile are of Alia coochie coo-ing her pets. Okay babe! We do understand your love for animals, and the kid in you. But hey! Don’t you think you are getting a little too kiddish? We mean, kiddy-kiddish!

John Abraham

7 Bollywood celebrities bitten by the photo app bug, INSTAGRAM
Looks like our Jonny boy has taken the phrase, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”, a little too seriously. I mean, just look at his profile on Instagram. It’s so full of himself working out. Well John, it’s no secret you love your body. We love it too. But..a little variety maybe? Pics with..ahem..Priya maybe?

Priyanka Chopra

7 Bollywood celebrities bitten by the photo app bug, INSTAGRAM
Somebody tell Priyanka that she needs to STOP pouting. Even 15 year old girls have moved on to a more annoying picture pose (hands on hips and head tilted, in 200 different dresses and angles). Heck, even Alia Bhatt barely has any pouty pictures. Yaar Priyanka, no denying you look gorgeous in all your pics (even the dressed down ones), but we will break our keyboards on our heads if we see any more pouts!

Abhishek Bachchan

7 Bollywood celebrities bitten by the photo app bug, INSTAGRAM
Selfless, sacrificing Abhishek. The best part of Abhishek’s instagram account are those gorg pics of Aishwarya. While other actors post pics from sets and with their co-stars, Abhishek, whose movie kitty is as full as a broken dahi handi, takes pics with trophies and stadiums. Not a very good idea, Sir ji.

Nargis Fakhri

7 Bollywood celebrities bitten by the photo app bug, INSTAGRAM
Those lips. While she posts pics with friends and some quotes, all you end up actually noticing are those lips. She doesn’t make it easier on us by posting so many shots of her face either.

Anushka Sharma

the photo app bug,
Yes! Now this is what we meant by “fugly toe nails”. Actually, its not even fugly, but Eeks and ugly, instead. Babes, with or without that paint, please PLEASE take this pic off, or you are bound to lose some of your fans. Btw, you’ve already lost one.

Sonam Kapoor

7 Bollywood celebrities bitten by INSTAGRAM, the photo app bug
Okay! lets just wrap this up. But hold on! Sonam is probably the best at social media over here, but WHAT ON EARTH WAS SHE THINKING WHILE POSING THIS SELFIE?

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