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The 5 best movies that showcased the Rural India in true sense

Rural India has been an essential background for many Bollywood movies. Watching these movies can give you a feeling like you’re living it. Eariler, the rural India was like the most important part of any Bollywood flick but recently, it has been limited to certain movies. The movies represent the true culture and legacy of particular villages and the people represented a strong bond of harmony.

There have been many movies which adapt and showcase the culture of India through this medium but there are a few movies among them, which have made the same medium look larger than life. Here, we list a few movies that have done justice to this essential aspect of Bollywood.

Mother India


The movie is certainly one of the best movies based on rural India. The movie was even nominated for the prestigious Oscar award. It’s concept is completely based on the rural India and represents the sufferings of the rural people. The movie revolved around the plights of a woman and how she overcomes all of her problems against the tide. The movie is an epitome of inspiration for people who tend to fall on their knees in difficult circumstances instead of trying to win the situation.


LagaanAnother movie which was based on rural India and another movie which was nominated for the Oscars. The movie revolved around the determination and courage of Bhuvan (Aamir Khan) and the dedication of the villagers and their fight with the British people. The social message behind the movie was that one should never give up and should keep trying until the last hope with positivity.


Veer-ZaaraThe movie completely showcased the heavenly beauty of villages. The movie also displayed the unique culture and customs of the village. Everything was absolutely beautiful including the crop fields, mountains and greenery. It was a major attraction of the movie.


VirasatThis 1997 film reflected the customs and cultures of a village on which the movie was based. In the movie, the head of the village panchayat marries a poor girl of the village for the welfare of the girl as well as the village. This gave a positive message that the duties and the welfare of the head’s village is priority no. 1. It also suggests that if we need to bring a change in the society, something for the betterment, we need to move forward first and the rest will eventually follow up.


SholayThe best movie that has been produced showcasing rural India would be this! The movie elucidates the features of a village, the sentiments of the people living in it and the impact of dacoits on the villagers. It tells us about the sufferings of the people and their fear of dacoits. The movie set new records and still holds a few! The movie was lauded for it’s dialogues, acting, picturization, direction and action.

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