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Will Zanjeer 2013 recreate the magic?

Tick tock tick tock! The clock is ticking and the anticipation is building. Will the new Zanjeer be as good and iconic as the old one? Uhh! We are super excited! The 1973 Zanjeer was an iconic movie and had a crazy star cast. The movie did not depend on the songs or the hero or the plot but became a hit due to the joint effort of the entire crew. Zanjeer 2013 boasts of the best cast that one can have and the music is pretty good too. But will it be enough to re create magic? Lets hope so!


Vijay Khanna

Amitabh Bachchan
This would be the most difficult character to judge and gauge! This was the point where Amitabh Bachchan was at the peak of his career and his acting was mind blowing. He was this intense brooding yet charming inspector who took his job very seriously. Ram Charan will have to up his quotient to an insane level to even come close to that of Amitabh’s. His accent would be a serious let down. But! We never know, that might just suit him. Fingers crossed!



Jaya Bachchan
Jaya Bachchan was young, naive and innocent. Though she was street smart and lived on her own, there was something awfully adorable about her role as Mala. From a street smart girl she transforms into a sati savitri over night and learns all etiquette’s to please the wonderful ACP. What will Priyanka as Mala do? She is already a New Yorker in the movie. Whatever it is, she’ll do an amazing job as she did in the remake of Don and Agneepath.


Sher Khan

Sher Khan
Do you guys know? Sher Khan beimani ka dhandha bhi imaandari se arta hai! Of course you guys knew it! Pran was like the life of the movie. Everything about him was impeccable. from his dressing to his orangish hair and beard to his heavy pathani accent. We don’t think there is any one who could replace him and do a better job or at least the same job as Pran did. But then, how can we forget Kancha Cheena? Sanjay Dutt did a great job in Agneepath and will most definitely do an amazing job in Zanjeer.



Damn! What can we say about Teja? He was the perfect villain. He wasn’t just the local gunda whose mere presence would revolt you and would turn your stomach upside down. Nope, he was the kind who threw lavish parties, had a pretty lady on his arm and he was very very very flamboyant! Will Prakash Raj match up to to Ajit or will he be even better? By the looks of it, he’s smart and fancy alright. But will he have a persona that would make us like him for the wrong reasons? Only time will tell!


Mona Darling

Mona Darling
And last but not the least we have the wonderful Mona Darling. Bindu did a fantastic job portraying the character of the sexy mistress of sorts! She was there with him all the time. She did everything that he asked for and even went to the extent of seducing the ACP. Mahie Gill looks like the right person to do this job, She is bold, she is beautiful and she oozes sex appeal. No doubt her!

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