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If you look at the collections it shows people have loved the film – Ajay Devgn on Satyagraha

The recently released Satyagraha has been received very well at the box office, and actor Ajay Devgn, is extremely pleased with the positive response. However, the actor feels non-commercial films provide a plateform to actor to showcase their acting skills. The 44-year-old has so far been lucky to be a part of both masala entertainers like Singham, and serious cinema such as Satyagraha.

“I took the risk of doing non-commercial films when no actor was ready to do it. Commercial films are like oxygen to stardom while films like Satyagraha are oxygen to acting. I am happy to be part of both streams,” he said.

The star has been well appreciated by critics for his awesome performance in his recently released Satyagraha.

“It’s a good feeling the audience is ready to watch good cinema. As an actor it’s like a confident booster for me that people accept me in commercial as well non-commercial roles. Most of the reaction that I have got has been positive. If you look at the collections it shows people have loved the film,” Ajay said.

Released on August 30, Satyagraha has reportedly collected Rs 44.19 crore at the box office in four days.

“I feel Satyagraha is not an old term… It is relevant even today. The biggest example of this is our youth, who is aggressive but not violent. They take out candle marches or stage peaceful protests to react to something they feel is not right… This is a good sign,” Ajay said.

Satyagraha also starred Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal, Kareena Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee and Amrita Rao.
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