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Why is Finland never a preferred choice for Bollywood filmmakers

These days, our Bollywood films are being shot not just within our country India, but also in various other parts of the world, including the US, UK, Switzerland, Istanbul and many more. But have you ever wondered why our filmmakers have always avoided a beautiful place like Finland, a country of forests and lakes? Well, apparently, the cost of living in Finland is extremely expensive and the country, best known for its unspoiled natural beauty, has less incentives to offer than other countries.

Jaakko Lehtone, Director of Finnish Tourism Board said, “The rules in Finland are really strict for filmmakers not only in official terms but also in financial terms. The Indian filmmakers find it expensive to shoot here as we can’t offer them incentives which they get in other countries and hence spend less there.”

Back in 2007, Finland upped the stakes in welcoming the Bollywood industry to shoot in its country without any public fee for any location, joining the ‘Welcome Bollywood’ club, but even then, Bollywood filmmakers were reluctant to shoot films.

Lehtone says, the tourist flow from India is is very low mainly because of Bollywood’s lack of interest in Finland.

“This is also one of the reasons that we have less tourists from India as compared to other countries because Indian population gets to see the beauty of other places in their films and hence they are more inspired by Eiffel tower or Statue of Liberty than Helsinki,” he said.

“Bollywood is a huge film industry and we would like to welcome Bollywood filmmakers to shoot here. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened so far. But talks are on in Finland to materialise some incentives for filmmakers so we can expect some projects in future,” said Teija Raninen, Film Commissioner at West Finland Film Commission.

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