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I will help my cousins make a mark in the film industry: Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra made it big in Bollywood all by her self. She had no godfather in the industry, yet she went on to become one of the most sought after actresses. Priyanka however says, she will not leave her cousins alone and that she will take care of them, helping them make it big just like her, in the industry.

“It has been a great journey till now. When I came here into the film business there was no one to support or back me or help me. I was not from film industry, I was alone. Now that I am here I will protect them (other Chopra sisters),” Priyanka said.

“I will make sure I am there for them. It warms my heart to see my cousins coming here,” she said.

Not many know that besides parineeti Chopra, Priyanka has two other sisters Meera Chopra and Barbie Handa trying to make a mark in Bollywood.

The actress never had formal training in acting. Yet she has done extremely well for herself in the industry, pocketing several awards including the National award. She goes on to say, she did try method acting, however got bored of it.

“I am spontaneous. I haven’t learnt acting process so my style is different. If I do research I do it for 2-3 months and forget it,” she said.

This year hasn’t been very great for Priyanka, hen it comes to her personal life, as she lost her biggest supporting factor, her dad, in June. However, a professional that she is, Priyanka resumed work immediately to everyone’s surprise.

“My work has been my biggest supporting factor… I have been working since the age of 17. After three days of my father’s demise I had started working, as I feel if you work you forget things and that is better for me,” she said.

Her yet to release flick Zanjeer opposite Ram Charan teja, will be her third Amitabh Bachchan remake after Don and Agneepath.

“It is a big coincidence I did not plan it. I feel fortunate as I am a big fan of him. I can’t play Amitabh Bachchan on screen. So being part of his remakes is the closest that I can get to him,” she said.

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