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Vivek Oberoi and his 6 best movies

Vivek Oberoi made his debut with Company and won two Filmfare awards for it. There wouldn’t be an better start or rather launch in Bollywood than this. Post company we were under the impression that it was just his luck and the movie was a blockbuster because of Ram Gopal Varma. And then he gave us an amazing performance in Saathiya and won us over. He might not be the typical Bollywood heartthrob like Ranbir Kapoor or even Imran Khan, but he surely has a certain charm and charisma about him. He turns 37 this month and what better way to celebrate his birthday than watch some of his most amazing movies?



Rugged. That’s the word that comes to my mind when I think of Vivek Oberoi in Company. He knew what he wanted alright. But he also knew how to get it. He was gifted with the knack of pulling the right strings at the right time to get whatever he wanted. His boldness in the movie wouldn’t at any point give away the fact that he was a debutant.



This was like Deja vu to me. Shahrukh Khan made his debut as the badass and then did DDLJ and there was no looking back for him. At that point I wondered if Vivek Oberoi was follwing Shahrukh’s footsteps by appearing in a romantic movie? I had my speculations that he wouldn’t survive in Bollywood any longer. But after watching Saathiya and his intense acting, I was blown!



Oh yuva yuva, oh yuvaaa! That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when anyone talks about the movie Yuva. Well, I loathed the movie for Rani Mukherjee and Abhishek Bachchan but then the movie had its own redeeming qualities. Vivek Oberoi was like the treasure at the end of ranibow and Kareena Kapoor was an added bonus. To be honest, the only reason I endured the movie was because of the Vivek Oberoi-Kareena Kapoor pairing. It was interesting!


Shootout at Lokhandwala

I had a hard time choosing between two of his movies. Omakara and Shootout at Lokhandwala. Well, his character in Omaraka did not have shades of grey, but his acting was equally intense in both the movies. SO i asked myself a question. Who could have carried out a murder in cold blood as flawlessly as Maya? Given a chance, would Kesu have the same effect? Na. No one can replace Maya and I don’t think anyone would have done it better than him! Hence,Vivek as Maya will forever be my first choice.



Here’s the theatrical trailer of Prince. Can you see the drama? Everything about this movie is/was so dramatic!! His entry in the movie specially was way to dramatic for us Bollywood fans. We love such dramatic things, we feed on these little things to be honest! Dramatic movies like these is what keeps us going. Yeah, rom-coms are good but we could use movies like


Rakht Charitra 1 & 2

Words fail me, whenever I try describing Vivek Oberoi’s role in Rakht Charitra. Prathap Ravi’s character to this day remains one of the most intense portrayals I have ever witnessed.

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