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Things we are expecting from Zanjeer

Remakes are not always fun or entertaining. For example, ahem, a very terrible example to be quite honest is that of Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag. What was he even thinking when he made that movie? And he had the confidence to tell everyone that its a remake of the iconic movie Sholay! Never mind him, we also had some amazing remakes like Devdas, Agneepath and all. Ok! Back on track, lets talk about Zanjeer. So now that it’s obviously a remake (irrespective of what the cast and crew says) since the name and most of the characters are same, we would like to set some bar of expectations!

1. Kick-ass action : Amitabh Bachchan wasn’t simply called the angry young man! He had a passion. A passion to brood and kick some ass! Understood and taken is the fact that he is extremely tall and had some crazy long legs which came to good use when he wanted to kick someone, but that doesn’t mean that we are expecting any less for Ram Charan Teja. Cause he is acp Vijay Khanna!! ACP!!!

2. Amazing music : Yes. Zanjeer didn’t release in my time. It was a movie that I watched with my parents at the comfort of my home. But still, as old it was, it had amazing music. Yes, they had the ultimate weapon of music – Mohammad Rafi but even with out him, the songs were killer! My absolute favourite was Deewane Hai Deewano Ko Na Ghar Chahiye. The lyrics were given by Gulshan Bawra and the song was crooned by maestros Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi. The song depicted the unspoken feeling of Amitabh and Jaya so perfectly! We would like the same from this movie as well.

3. Chemistry : Another thing that we don’t want to compromise on is the chemistry and its not just between Vijay and Mala. We also want a very good and clear equation of Vijay and Sher Khan, Teja and his lovely Mona Darling and not but last the least the grueling equation between Vijay and Teja. The new cast will have to do a fabulous job emoting emotions of various kind.

4. Intimacy : Zanjeer was a family entertainer and we are expecting the same thing from this movie also. Yeah, there are some steamy scenes between Vijay and Mala but we hope that is it and nothing extravagant. They don’t need flesh to sell the movie! Puh-leez!! We would like to see the sweet and romantic side of the brooding Vijay and the warm and comforting side of a very bold Mala.

5. Reality : Bizarre as it may sound, we want to watch a movie that is very close to reality. The old one unleashed trouble and awakening when it displayed the much needed issue of alcohol. The trailer speaks something about the hike in petrol and diesel prices, lets hope the plot is relevant and as real as it can be.

Like it or not, everyone is going to pit Zanjeer 1973 against the Zanjeer 2013. The stakes are really high here and the audience is already expecting a lot. The cast better be prepared because there’s a storm coming this Friday!

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