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Ranveer Singh at his cheeky best, climbing the GQ ladder

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Known for his quirky habits, Bollywood brat Ranveer Singh’s latest photoshoot for GQ has set temperatures soaring higher than ever before! The actor is at his cheeky best, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off from him even for a second.

The Ram Leela stars is seen shamelessly flirting with a model clad in a skimpy lingerie. He also sports a punk hairdo, holding a tabacco pipe in his mouth, looking uber cool. His drool-worthy style and those oh-so-hot expressions will simply blow your mind.

The video also sees Ranveer lying on the couch with his vibrant blue blazer unbuttoned and the scantily clad model placing her right leg seductively on his abs. Throughout the clip you will see the actor retains his unshaved macho look. With a new hairstyle, sexy aviators, irresistible expressions and the tobacco pipe as a prop, Ranveer Singh sets our pulse racing wilder than ever!

Do watch the video to believe us. Meanwhile, we wonder what Deepika has to say about it.

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