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Shuddh Desi Romance: Music Review

Now when you name a movie “Shuddh Desi Romance”, you’ve got to expect something hatke, right? Something fun, peppy, foot-tapping and slightly off the beaten track. And that is more-or-less what you get from the music. I loved the energy and fun element in the music. You need not have seen the video on youtube to figure out what the mood of the song is! But if you did… then you’ve got to give it to parineeti and more so sushant for pulling off the dance steps and movements so effortlessly. Right… so where did it go wrong though? I’d say… it doesnt have that single dhamaka song that very often sets the note for the entire album. But hey, get the cd and listen to the songs… they’re a good listen!

Chanchal Mann, ati random

Fast, witty, and lyrics with a twist. The movie is based in a typical third-tier city in northern india, and the video goes all out in conveying the native, or should we say desi look. But who said desi can’t be cool!? With a lively desi beat, fast lyrics that actually are super fun if you are fast enough to catch them, and an upbeat tune all add up to a definite topper on the weekly charts. Like movie, like song… thoda hatke!

Tere mere beech mein

Alright, i didnt quite expect that, but got to say that was pretty dam catchy!! It was a fun, peppy song, something which am sure would fit in nicely with the movie. Set against a backdrop of our leading duo setting up their house, domestic life never sounded so good! I love the underplayed and almost natural dance steps. Catchy tune, foot-tapping pace, and again, a fun experience.


Alright, to break away from the usual peppy, fast-paced nature of the entire album, we needed one of those romantic slow songs… so is Gulabi the answer? Sort of! There are moments within the song when you feel it’s going to head into a romantic ballad.. but only momentarily.. that fast-paced foot tapping beat is not to be left behind! The song is nice in itself, no denying it… but why was it that i was expecting more from it? Dont you feel it would have been better off being a slow number?

Shudh Desi Romance

Now, that song I am dissapointed with. If you’re gona have to pick a title song, i’d have gone with something with a whole lot more oomph. There is nothing too catchy about this song at all, barring a rather broadway-type of “shudh desi desi romance” thing that keeps coming again and again throughout the song. I guess the energy sushant and parineeti show in their moves saves the video, else nothing very great to speak of over here. Not something that’ll end up in your top 25 list on your ipod for sure! Sorry guys… i know you tried hard makign this song… but the other ones are way better!

Now, apart from these four songs are four other equally peppy instrumentals. Am never a big fan of instrumentals, i always feel they are a filler so that people dont feel ripped off when they buy the cd!! But these ones seem to tell a story. Each one has a definite mood, sometimes melancholic, sometimes reflective, but ultimately most always peppy. Now, we dont know much about the movie… but i think that’s more-or-less got to be the storyline, right?

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